Thesse grew up in a family of four (including herself) her father mother and brother.

Her place of birth was rather unusual. A colonized comet hollowed out to serve as a somewhat autonomous service station for rogue traders and the like.
Do to the isolated nature of this it’s inhabitants could escape much of the war and horror normally brought on the civilians of the imperium, also leaving the population outside much of the influence of ministorum priests allowing most to adopt rather secular views, altho at a bare minimum paying lip service to the Emperor just to be on the safe side. The Isolation had a huge effect on Thesse, as there were very few kids her age she spent much of her time bonding with her brother or reading whatever she could get her hands on, without really giving much thought to any religion.

At the age of 8 this changed, Thesse and her brother were called in to the main service station along with the rest of the kids, apparently at the command of a passing ministorum priest “Arghun Halwood” the rarest kind which possess the charm to do his job rather than the usual way of resorting to violence and nasty forms of authority in order to achieve even simple tasks, though his stay was short it left Thesse and her brother with a lot to talk about, at first the Emperor became their new superhero of which they fought about who should get to play as, but with the years they grew mature and they started evolving contempt for the society they grew up in, especially it’s carefree attitude to the struggles of the imperium and of the sacrifices of their Emperor.

Thesse’s brother was the first to get fed up, he managed to convince a passing rogue trader to hire him to his crew, like that without confronting his parents he disappeared over night, leaving only a message behind for Thesse suggesting that she do the same. Within a few short weeks Thesse had taken contact to Arghun Halwood who happily arranged for her transport and later education within the Imperium. Although still fond of her parents she did not feel much regret when saying goodbye to them(over the years she’s had occasional contact with them but has not seen them in person since then).

Arghun swiftly arranged for Thesse’s education and wellbeing in a shrine world much closer to the heart of the Imperium and thus with a populace much more devoted to the Emperor. In this setting Thesse thrived her old knowledge and love of books coming in handy as she began preaching much of what she had read to anyone even remotely doubtful, also swiftly adopting the dogma of the Ecclesiarchy without hesitation herself. Arghun taking pride in this arranged for Thesse to start her service on minor tasks for the Ecclesiarchy, she excelled at this and found herself within the consideration of a position as acolyte for the Inquisition simply do to her surprising competence, the independent nature of her personality and the spirit of wanting to investigate every task given (or not given) to her along with the large amounts of work initiated by herself made her a prime candidate for the position of acolyte, though the influential ally she had made in Arghun along with much of the local Ecclesiarchy is mostly to account for her current position.

Only time will tell if Thesse was rushed into a position such as this too early or too young.

Among her achievements in the Ecclesiarchy are.

Successfully accompanying an archaeological expedition to recover an ancient artefact tracked down to an Imperial System. (With the important role of praying a lot) Without having been asked or tasked with anything of the sort Thesse set up youth volunteer programs which successfully produced large quantities of smaller luxuries distributed to Imperial Guardsmen who’d normally see no such things, and more importantly had the youth contribute to the well being of the guardsmens souls through organized mass prayer lead by her. Disciplined students of many lower hive schools, inspiring fanatical devotion in much of the youth indeed lifting numbers of volunteers for the Imperial guard by a noticeable amount (For the lower hives total numbers) Successfully hunted down many less than conservative elements of the planet she was stationed on, these people engaging in such revolting behaviour as orgies, sex for means other than a reproductive nature and at times even polygamy or prostitution all of which (with the exception of casual sex) were punishable by death under the planets traditions. Thesse carried out this work especially diligently ensuring the morally upright nature of the planet not be disturbed.

1.) What drew you the Inquisitors attention to you?
Influential allies and a fanatic devotion
2.) What do you offer the Inquisiton that makes you “useful”?
Seems to have an almost “unnatural” sense for how to navigate conversations with people
3.) What would you sacrifice for the Imperium?
Any Life (Including her own)
4.) What, if anything, would you not?
Her Faith


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