Tertius Numan


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Growing up on the hive world Orinoca as the third son of a up and coming family, he always had a knack for lying. Tertius being the third born allowed him to follow his own career paths unlike his two older brothers. Less pressure was put on him to success and often the family would ignore him and let him do his own thing. As he changed from a boy to a man he spent increasing time in the under hive, running with various gangs while hiding his true identity. Committing crimes out of boredom Tertius or ‘Reaver’ (a name he used) started becoming infamous around all levels of the hive due to the fact unlike most criminals the upper hive level weren’t out of bounds for him and disappear in the turn of a corner. It was the then detective Stevenson who figured the link between Reaver and Tertius, however unsure on how to arrest a rising family’s son without exposing himself to repercussions the detective decided to publicly expose Reaver by having him caught in the act. By leaking information from another investigation about a smuggler moving expensive goods into the hive around Tertius’s social circles. Stevenson tracked Tertius to a secluded area of the star port which had been put under heavy remote surveillance. Watching from a hidden position the detective watched as Tertius dispatched the smuggler and his crew then opening the cargo bay. As Stevenson broke cover to make the arrest he staggered as he joined Tertius who too was dumbfounded by the amount of xeno tech in the ships belly. It was after this point that Tertius stopped his spree of crimes and came to an agreement with Stevenson to help shut down the smuggling ring. Now working as a undercover Arbites, Tertius cut all ties with family delving deep into the smuggling ring for the following 12 years. Bringing in smugglers every few months with Stevenson taking the credit, Tertius inevitably crossed paths with the Inquisition and the rest is history.

>>>Edited by Interrogator Caspur<<<
=Nice story, shame most of it's a lie=

Desires: Appears to be to bring justice in the most unorthodox way possible.
Likes: Recaff, playing people off against one another, Loyalty to him.
Dislikes: Paperwork, talking about past
Fears: Past catching up with him.

1.) What drew you the Inquisitors attention to you?
Unorthodox methods of investigation
2.) What do you offer the Inquisitor that makes you “useful”?
Seems to be able to blend into and convince others to his own gain
3.) What would you sacrifice for the Imperium?
Other people

Tertius Numan

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