Tall, lanky, and rendered completely hairless by the toxins in the air of his home world, Eriochs slim frame is hidden under an armoured coat in faded green, over which he wears the red cloak of the Tech-Priests. Below his nose, his face is partially obscurred by an implanted rebreather, connected by a long hose to the cybernetics in his torso. His eyes have been replaced with a complicated array of brass lenses set directly into the sockets.

His bald head sports multiple small incisions, as well as the tell-tale signs of Cranial Armour.

His bionic hands end in delicate fingers, perfect for the cutting and examination of patients and biological oddities alike.
Three mechadendrites ending in various tools and attachments hang below his cloak, hovering behind him a few millimeters above the ground


Erioch was born on one of the many stations in the orbital construction ring around the Forge World Antraxis Prime in the neighboring Calixis-Sector. As is standard on this world, he was tested at an early age for his aptitude regarding the workings of the Omnisiah. Thus, he was inducted as initiate into the red-cloaked ranks of the Tech-Priests.

During the long years of his training, he developed a certain fascination with the flesh – a shameful discovery for a servant of the Omnissiah. Still, he persevered and soon joined the retinue of one of Atraxis Primes foremost Magos Biologis, the honored Bellmkampf. It was under his tutelage that he travelled around the fringes of the Sector and once even across the dark fringes of the Halo-Stars, that he encountered a previously unknown species of semi-intelligent fungus.

The exact nature of Bellmkampfs death on this last expedition is still kept secret under inquisitional seal, but only a third of the expedition survived, among them Erioch. To this day he keeps a human skull, picked completely clean, of a fellow Tech-Priest who gave his life rushing the others to safety; he plans the fashion it into an elaborate servo-skull out of respect.

He travelled around the near sectors, expanding his Medicae-knowledge, all the while collecting data about the mysterious fungi, even using less than honest means if necessary. It was this behavior that brought him the attention of the Inquisitor: If he were to aid this band of acolytes, the Inquisitor would, in due time, grant Erioch access to the forbidden data.

Desires: wants to become a Magos Biologis in order to more closely study the mysterious fungi that killed his teacher; wants to replace ever more flesh of himself in service of the Omnissiah; wants to make the skull he keeps as a memento into a servo-skull (Alechandros).
Hates: Hereteks, amateurish medicae work, the fungi (though they fascinate him as well).

1.) What drew you the Inquisitors attention to you?
Involvement in unsanctioned collection and examination of data regarding an incident kept secret by the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Inquisition; also his involvement in the aforementioned incident.
2.) What do you offer the Inquisitor that makes you “useful”?
His skill as a member of the Magos Biologis, his abilities as a scientist and scholar of human and xenos biology.
3.) What would you sacrifice for the Imperium?
His flesh (a given, really), his life.
4.) What, if anything, would you not?
The chance to discover the truth behind the Bellmkampf-Incident.


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